...with many medicinal benefits.

There's nothing more comforting than knowing nature got it right.

Grannies for Grass (And Grandpas too!) is a grass-roots network of grandparents and other citizens around the world who advocate for the many uses and benefits of the cannabis plant. 

We believe in cannabis (pot, weed, grass, marijuana) as a safe, natural alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals and as an aid to help ease the discomforts of the aging process. We know that cannabis is safer than, and works as well (or better) than many of the dangerous pharmaceuticals prescribed to seniors today. We think cannabis should be a choice given to us as an option in our medical care.

We are advocates for the legalization of marijuana. We know marijuana prohibition doesn't work and the war on this plant is failing. We do not think people should go to prison for a plant and we think it is a waste of law enforcement and judicial resources to continue to arrest and prosecute people for a substance that is safer than alcohol and tobacco. We do our part, using our vast knowledge and experience to educate our communities and local governments as to the benefits of the reform of marijuana laws and policy. 

We are vehement in our belief in the sustainable world we could create with Hemp. We are advocates for hemp and understand that hemp and hemp products could mean a sustainable economy for the future!" 

Cannabis use by seniors is on the rise as more and more of the older generation learn the truth about this beneficial plant. We at Grannies for Grass are dedicated to educating seniors, grandparents or not, on the many uses of and the latest news, science and opinion about cannabis. 

So pull up a rocking chair, grab a cup of canna-tea, swirl the leaves and get involved in the cannabis movement at Grannies for Grass!